Having your own credit card is much better. Want transactions anywhere, free. No one has the right to manage it. But, what if the husband or wife asks to put together a credit card? So one credit is used for the needs of both the family.

Some married couples (couples) may agree with this offer. Yes, for the good of the family’s finances anything must be done even with a heavy heart. In order to avoid misunderstanding from the use of a credit card used as this one, couples need to manage it intelligently like the following review which has been cermati.com summarized from various sources.

Tips for Managing a Husband and Wife Credit Card

Tips for Managing a Husband and Wife Credit Card

Discuss first

Although one of the parties has agreed to unite the credit card, what’s wrong if this is discussed again. Especially if there is still one party who objects to this decision. Do not until after the credit cards are put together, talk arises which results in a domestic dispute.

You should immediately talkback about the pros and cons of credit cards are put together. This result can be taken into consideration before finally actually decided to put together a credit card.

Pay in rotation

If the first credit card bill was paid individually, now it must be together because the credit card ownership status is for two. Both husband and wife can halve credit card bills when they want to pay later.

Another way, credit card bill payments are made in rotation. For example, the July bill is paid by the husband, while the next month’s bill by the wife and so on. Even if there is a difference between this month and next month’s bills, we can discuss the advantages or disadvantages.

Have a personal savings

The use of credit cards can be combined, but for savings matters, it should be kept separate between husband and wife. The goal is that each party can meet their respective needs freely as they should without fear of being prohibited by the other party. Because differences in needs like this require different costs.

If one day the financial condition of one party is not good, at least there are still savings that can be relied upon to pay credit card bills. As a result, the other party does not need to feel burdened because of these conditions.

Set the system usage


The credit card usage system must be in accordance with the results of the discussions conducted at the beginning. If the agreement to use a credit card is only for basic needs every month, then use it only for shopping for basic needs, not for other needs such as children’s entertainment or traveling. Rules of use like this will help stabilize spending every month, so there is no imbalance between spending this month and the following month.

As for expenditures outside of basic needs should be financed using personal money or can be directly divided into two in accordance with the total to be paid. Thus, credit card bills do not burst suddenly in certain months.

Used openly

Credit cards must be used openly. The intention is to be equally known by all parties, both husband and wife. Before a credit card is used for shopping, you should first report to one of the parties regarding the purpose of using a credit card. If at any time the bill swells, the other party doesn’t even wonder why it could happen.

The use of credit cards secretly can certainly cause problems and strife in the household. But with the openness of use, then bickering can be avoided because the use of credit cards is clearly aimed at what needs.

Set the right limit

If the credit card limit used to be USD. 10 million per person, the current credit card limit can be increased to USD. 15 million or USD. 20 million per month because its use has been intended for two people at once. Set appropriate limits according to family needs. If the need to pay using a credit card is not too much, you should reduce the card limit to avoid impulsive use.

Setting limits must also look at financial conditions. Avoid limits that are too large if the total income of husband and wife just barely every month. This will only cause ongoing financial shocks.

It should be held by the wife

The wife is a household calculator who knows very well about finances. From incoming money, outgoing money, to emergency fund reserves, everything will be arranged and divided in such a way so that the money is sufficient to meet all family needs. This ability is not necessarily possessed by the husband.

The husband can still hold a credit card, but for certain conditions only. For example when a wife needs the help of her husband to buy food in the supermarket, while the wife is busy cleaning the house while looking after children or other conditions.

The Importance of Using Credit Cards Wisely

The Importance of Using Credit Cards Wisely

The union of a husband and wife’s credit card depends on a joint decision. The most important thing, use a credit card wisely. Control the best possible to maintain family financial stability.

Don’t forget to pay credit card bills on time too. In addition, couples must also choose the right issuing bank, which offers attractive promos for family needs. As a result, spending can be saved every month and finances remain safe under control.