The possibility of an unstable financial life takes many people’s sleep. If this alone is a cause for concern while having an active professional life, it tends to worsen when it comes to an end and the salary may decrease. That is, the so-called retirement. For many, a consumer dream, for others, the worst nightmare.

After years of contribution and work, paying for social security – be it public or private – all you want for the years ahead is a well deserved rest. Traveling, enjoying with the family, learning what you haven’t had before, developing that skill. Take care of yourself, finally. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, since the accounts of not withdraw together.


How to get a loan for your retirement?

How to get a loan for your retirement?

When you are active in a particular career, in addition to your salary, you can work overtime and earn extra for them, specialization and evolution courses that can increase it, earn certain bonuses such as paid health insurance, transportation and / or food that are not paid. it comes from your own pocket. However, in retirement, all of this falls apart.

To be able to enjoy retirement as planned, many people are forced to find another job, as expenses continue to accumulate. Especially those who were self-employed. However, it is not impossible to do it without needing an extra income, as long as you put everything on the tip of the pencil beforehand.

Many people are frightened when they read the word loan. However, the retirement loan or payday loan, as it is called, is simpler than it looks. And it can be your retirement solution.


Advantages of the payday loan

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The retirement loan has two options of credit lines, the personal loan and the payday loan, and each one has its specificities. Both allow the money to be used by the customer in any way they want. However, the benefits for the retirement loan have some important features that differentiate it.

It only serves the specific public formed by professionals with a formal contract, as long as the bank they have chosen has an agreement with the company they worked for. This category also includes federal municipal civil servants, military personnel, retirees and INSS pensioners.

Payments for the payday loan are made differently from other loans. As the retirement portion is debited directly to the account monthly, as well as a salary, the bank deducts its share from the amount even before the benefit enters the account, so that a smaller amount is debited. This guarantees the payment of the loan, regardless of the retiree’s financial situation.

Interest rates are lower than other types of loans. This is because the bank has more security regarding the payment of installments, which will occur in one way or another. Thus, the general interest on those charged on the personal loan is higher, with the retiree saving at least a little at the end of it all. The loan for retirees is released even for those who are negative, that is, with the famous dirty name, without consulting Credisure Group to check the status of the CNPJ.


Making the payday loan

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After planning, choosing your bank and checking if it is safe, there are other important details to look out for. If you are still not entirely sure about taking out the retirement loan, think, rethink and see more about it until all your questions are answered. When it comes to your money and your after-work life, no security is too much.

Pay attention: according to the legislation, the monthly rate of installments of the payday loan cannot be higher than 35% of the value of the client’s benefit. However, 5% of this limit will be used only by the payroll credit card. Therefore, the loan should only consume 30% of the monthly salary. This amount is limited by a consignable margin, that is, by the total amount of the loan that can be spent monthly with the loan and payroll card expenses.

Despite all the advantages and facilities offered by the retirement loan, there may be a situation in which the client is unable to pay the debt. When this happens, the solution is to talk to the financial institution to negotiate the loan. This is possible when increasing the number of installments or even making or a new loan to pay off the first.

However, retirees and pensioners who no longer have a margin available, will not be able to take out a new payday loan. If the customer has not used the exclusive credit card margin, it is possible to use it to pay off the debt.


By hiring the payday loan

The retiree can access the money quickly. The term varies according to the financial institution, but can be in the account within 24 hours. However, you have a limit of up to 72 months (6 years) to repay the loan. The term can also vary according to age, negotiation and the option of the retiree. Before you hire the product and close the deal, make a simulation of the loan. It will thus be possible to assess the amount that will be committed during all the months of the benefit.

The loan limit to be contracted also varies from age to age and from institution to institution. For example, an INSS beneficiary who is aged 79 years and 11 months, usually obtains a loan of a maximum of $ 80,000.00. In return, customers over the age of 80 can apply for credits up to $ 30,000.00. However, few institutions work with retirees of this age group.