The songs of ‘Big little lies’ that have fallen in love with you and you still do not know

The songs of 'Big little lies' that have fallen in love with you and you still do not know

Madeline finds an empty vehicle next to the road and decides to park. Suspect that there is something that does not fit. And, as he approaches the beautiful cliff towards the sea, Renata throws it into the sea with violence. The song that sounds is Silver Trembling Hands by Flaming Lips and perfectly represents the state of tension of the character of Reese Witherspoon, who was having a nightmare. And it also represents very well that the music in Big little lies is cool a lot.

Surely we had to intuit that the series that HBO Spain broadcasts had many numbers to have an essential soundtrack. After all, they had had a lot of eye when it came to choosing music from the headboard. It’s about Cold little heart by Michael Kiwanuka , a British soul singer who was number one in his country but had barely heard in the United States.

It seems, however, that we are at a defining moment in Kiwanuka’s career. In August we found his single Black man in a white world in The get down , another series of essential soundtrack, and now we have this Cold little heart that in its full version lasts almost ten minutes (and not a single one).

It is necessary to recognize the effort of the musical supervisor, Sue Jacobs, so that the songs they use sound good, complement the vision of the director Jean-Marc Vallée and on many occasions his lyrics have to do with the images we see on the screen. This is the case of Frank Rich’s Super Rich Kids , which can not make more sense in a series about the social and economic elite of a Californian locality.

“The maids come too and the parents are not enough,” says the song that gets “super-rich guys who have nothing but fake friends.” While the series focuses on women who are very involved in the lives of their children, they do allow us to glimpse this reality both because of the relationships between the majority of mothers of students or because, as you did not see the brand, Renata addresses Jane as the Madeline’s au pair.

Another song that comes as a finger ring is Hands around my throat of Death in Vegas , which published the song in 2003 in Scorpio Rising , that same album that contained Girls , which would mark one of the emotional climaxes of Lost in Translation . And why does it work so well? Because it’s battalion and because it appears at the moment when Jane is fed up with accusing her son of drowning a classmate.

“In the same way that Jackson Pollock uses painting, Jean-Marc uses music. Before starting to shoot, think about which characters will be the tool for music, “explained Sue Jacobs in Vulture magazine. This is why there is a child character that dominates the music (unlikely but that allows the best music) or that there is so much presence of the music players of the cars or the iPod of the character of Shailene Woodley.

In the series, for example, we discovered that there is a social event where parents of students must attend dressed as Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley . And what does Chloe recommend to her father to sing at the party? Pocketful of Rainbows , a beautiful theme that shows the balance between classics and contemporary themes, which also uses a Miss Kittin theme.

One of the curiosities is that Jean-Marc Vallée did not want any composer for the images. Here we can see the close collaboration with screenwriter David E. Kelley, who had to take into account this preference of the director of CRAZY , another title where music was very important (in this case David Bowie and Patsy Cline, who gave name to the movie).

This circumstance explains, for example, such wonderful choices as The Wind of the alternative PJ Harvey , a perfect artist to create a rarefied and feminine atmosphere, which mixes the kind of images and the dark theme that underlies each scene.

Someone may think that there is a soundtrack, as is usually the case with HBO’s dramatic productions, or that it is because a piano is heard from time to time. No, it’s a song called Agnes Obel’s September Song, which usually sounds to express Madeline’s emotional state, which feels resentment towards her first husband even being married to a piece of absolute bread.

But since we can not be here all day recommending the songs one by one, we leave a link to the list of Big Little Lies where we find Martha Wainwright , Fleetwood Mac , Neil Young , Janis Joplin and an arsenal of artists that deserve to be heard .