Albany NY Bankruptcy Attorney – Chapter 7/11 Financial Legal Advice Service Launched


Jafri Law Firm (+ 1-800-593-7491) announced a new service extension to better serve businesses in Albany, New York. Experienced bankruptcy lawyers give clients the advice they need to get a fresh start.

When a business is overwhelmed with debt, it can be difficult for staff to know what to do. Jafri Law Firm’s latest service extension covers both Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies, helping clients plan the right solution for their needs.

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Industry research shows there have been over 21,000 cases of US companies filing for bankruptcy in 2020. This has been fueled by the ongoing pandemic, which has made it more difficult for businesses to operate. effectively. Jafri Law Firm’s extensive service aims to streamline the legal process for clients in this situation.

Business customers face a number of challenges when facing a bankruptcy situation. In many cases, creditors can call or threaten daily. Meanwhile, the company faces day-to-day administrative issues, such as how to meet employee salary demands and generate more sales.

While it is likely that a company going bankrupt will do so for the first time, the law firm Jafri has extensive knowledge of the legal process. The team covers all aspects of administration and paperwork to ensure clients don’t miss any important documents or processes.

Another key advantage is that they deal with creditors on behalf of the client. Combined with financial advice that can save money over time, the Jafri law firm gives clients peace of mind and alleviates their anxiety.

The firm’s intimate knowledge of bankruptcy law guarantees clients a greater chance of success in their case. Interested parties who are struggling to see a way forward are encouraged to get in touch to discuss their situation and goals.

A spokesperson for the law firm said: “Serious and trustworthy help is what you will find at Jafri Law Firm. Our firm has focused its practice exclusively on helping businesses cope with and overcome what appears to be insurmountable debt. Our goal is that you and your business can get a fresh start, reorganize your assets or even liquidate.

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