Andrew Garfield once explained why bankruptcy was the ‘best thing’ that could happen to his family

Although Andrew Garfield is now a successful actor, when he was growing up his family struggled financially. However, in hindsight, Garfield didn’t see the situation as entirely negative. He once shared important life lessons that came out of when his family went bankrupt and why it was the “best thing” that ever happened to them.

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What is Andrew Garfield’s family like?

Garfield was born in Los Angeles to an American father, Richard, and an English mother, Lynn. When Garfield was 3, his family decided to move to Surrey, England, where he was eventually raised.

“I’m very lucky because it means I don’t identify with any place,” Garfield said (via The Telegraph). “That means I’ve had my father’s accent and value system in one ear and my mother’s accent and value system in the other, and it’s a wonderful balance.”

Garfield has an older brother named Ben, who now works as a doctor.

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When Garfield was 12 or 13, his father went bankrupt. The actor told Bustle in November 2021 that this experience was “the best thing that ever happened to our family.”

“He realized that all the people he loved were still there,” Garfield explained. “His wife, his children, his friends, himself. He was brought to his knees and totally humiliated, and then he started doing more of what he was called to do.

Garfield’s father ended up coaching swimming at a local club. And that ordeal taught Garfield an important life lesson.

“My main purpose in this lifetime is to cultivate and relate to the people, places, projects, practices — it’s an alliteration with the p’s — that make me feel most alive,” Garfield said.

What is Andrew Garfield net worth?

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Garfield has built a successful career in the entertainment industry.

He became interested in acting at a very young age and even studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. After graduating in 2004, Garfield landed roles on shows like Doctor Who and movies like Lions for lambs (2007) and The other Boleyn girl (2008).

Garfield gained more attention in the 2010s, starting with his role as Eduardo Saverin in the film The social network. Then, his international breakthrough came in 2012 when he starred as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man. He reprized the role again in the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2and made a special appearance in the 2021 film Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

In addition to his work on the big screen, Garfield has also starred in stage productions in the United Kingdom and the United States. For example, he appeared in plays such as Death of a seller and Angels in America. He even won a Tony Award for his work in the latter.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Garfield is worth around $16 million.

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