Annie Suwan’s Best Outdoor Photos of 90 Day Fiance After Weight Loss

Annie Suwan-Toborowsky has always been loved by 90 Day Fiancé fans, and they appreciate the many eye-catching outdoor Instagram photos she posts.

Annie Suwan-Toborowsky was a 90 day fiance a staple in the franchise, and she entertained fans with her outdoor photos on Instagram. Annie and her husband, David Toborowsky, starred for the first time in 90 day fiance season 5 of the series and continues to shine on the spin-off Pillow talk, where the couples chat about each other in the franchise. Even though 90 day fiance Icons Annie and David have struggled in their relationship before, they beat the odds and are now showing their love for each other on social media.


David and Annie first met at a karaoke bar in Thailand, and many fans thought it was yet another couple of an older man falling for a young girl on vacation. . With an age gap of 24 years, 90 day fiance fans didn’t have much hope for the couple, especially when Annie’s family demanded a large dowry. Since then, David and Annie have overcome many problems encountered on 90 day fiance as they have now settled into their new life together.

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The couple tied the knot in 2017, making it one of the franchise’s great success stories with nearly five years of marriage. At Annie and David’s Pillow talk the reactions are some of the best, as they both like to be silly with each other and make fans laugh. When they don’t react hilariously to others 90 day fiance couples, couple spending time traveling together. They shared their visits to Nepal, Singapore and Thailand, bringing their fun attitude with them.

Besides being a beloved star among 90 day fiance fans, Annie used her platform to launch her own clothing brand, Boom Bangkok. She showed off several dresses that many fans are excited to get their hands on. The outdoor post not only showed off his new venture, but also Annie and David’s quaint neighborhood in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Annie De 90 day fiance Shares a photo of herself in a Thai market

Fans love Annie’s endless positivity, which hasn’t just been seen on 90 day fiance but also his Instagram. Annie, who shared some unrecognizable Instagram snaps, looked happy to be home in Thailand. She showed fans her culture with an outdoor market near where they were staying. Annie was all smiles as she shopped for everything from jeans to groceries and Thai snacks.

Annie & David 90 day fiance Love to share their travels

Annie and David have spent much of 2022 traveling the world. The couple traveled to her native Thailand, where she showed David around her country while working to bring some of his family members to the United States. 90 day fiance fans want the best for David and Annie; and are excited to see more of them in their renewed spin-off show.

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