BBB: Here are the weight loss resolutions, tips for consumers


Since some of us will be looking to get in shape starting in the New Year, the Better Business Bureau is ringing in 2022 with advice on how to reach your fitness goals without reducing confidence. The desire to lose weight fast increases the risk of being tricked by products or subscriptions that don’t work as advertised.

It is important to fully understand how to lose weight in a healthy way. What works for one person may not work for others. Create long-term habits for lasting results. In other words, adopt a weight loss plan that best suits your needs.

Before investing in trendy fitness programs or dietary supplements, the Better Business Bureau recommends the following:

Be skeptical of any “miracle” weight loss claims. There is no “secret ingredient” or “breakthrough formula” that can cause weight loss virtually overnight. So beware of products promising miraculous results without diet or exercise. Ask your doctor what would be an achievable weight loss goal. If you come across an ad that you think is particularly misleading, report it to

Beware of free trial offers and check the fine print before signing up. Many consumer complaints describe weight loss programs as difficult to reverse, even if the product has not worked as claimed. Consumers said they believed they were doing a one-time transaction, but instead received recurring charges on their credit cards. When they contacted customer service, they were told they had purchased a subscription, which was only disclosed in the small print of the terms and conditions of their original purchase.

Take your time in choosing a gym or fitness program. Many gyms offer free trial passes for potential clients to test out and visit their facilities. If you’re unsure whether you prefer a self-paced, independent framework or a team-oriented program with a classroom structure, now is the time to explore your options. Gyms are vastly different when it comes to their prices, policies, branding, and target demographics – take the time to compare these options.

Understand the terms and conditions of the fitness program. Many fitness programs offer a low registration fee if you commit to a longer contract term, but the price can exceed what you budgeted for after the initial trial period ends. While the upfront price might seem like a deal you can’t pass up, make sure you understand the full costs of the service in the long run. Take a second to determine if you prefer a monthly subscription with more flexibility. Make sure you understand all of the fees associated with the plan, including cancellation fees, late fees, or annual membership fees.

Use BBB as a resource. Research the business on before making a purchase. BBB’s website contains individual company profiles showing whether the company is BBB accredited, its letter ratings, potential consumer alerts, detailed customer complaints, and information on how the company is responding to concerns. . This extra step will give you a better idea of ​​the reputation of the business. If any issues arise, you can also file a complaint and seek resolution.

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