Boy Scout bankruptcy leaves religious groups open to prosecution


The Boy Scouts of America’s ongoing bankruptcy case could now leave thousands of religious groups open to prosecution, the AP reports.

Why is this important: The Boy Scouts reached an $ 850 million settlement in July that would ultimately prevent further sexual abuse lawsuits against him and his local councils. However, the regulations did not extend protections to the more than 40,000 organizations that had ties to the Boy Scouts.

  • The United Methodist Church said the settlement could potentially affect up to 5,000 of its US congregations, leaving them subject to legal action by surviving plaintiffs.

Catch up quickly: The Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy in February 2020, claiming they had filed to “fairly compensate victims who were injured while in Scouting and continue to fulfill their mission for years to come “.

  • Almost 90,000 sexual abuse complaints were filed against the organization during its bankruptcy case, reports Shawn Chen of Axios.
  • At its peak, the organization had more than 4 million members. Today, there are less than 2 million.

What they say : “Scouting can only be done with the help of their chartered organizations,” Everett Cygal, an attorney for the Catholic churches following the case, told AP.

  • “It is short-sighted not to protect the people they absolutely need to make sure Scouting is viable in the future,” he continued.
  • “Due to the bankruptcy, the congregation cannot confidently rely on the BSA, the local council or their insurers to defend it,” the Lutheran church said, according to AP.

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