Charged with murder, Instagram model Courtney Clenney appears in bond court


Instagram model Courtney Clenney, accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death at an apartment they both shared, appeared in bond court on Saturday morning.

Clenney, 26, aka Courtney Tailor, who has more than 2 million Instagram followers, has been charged with second degree murder with a deadly weapon in the murder of Christian Toby Obumseli in April this year.

She is currently being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

His attorney, Frank Prieto, says there’s a problem with the arrest warrant.

“I think it’s important that the court be advised that this warrant that the judge signed that he found probable cause, however, there is no probable cause for second degree murder…at best , it’s manslaughter.”

Prieto claims there were several misstatements in the warrant pointing to selected text messages and alleged bruising.

He says he has proof.

“The detective also advised that there were no signs of bruising consistent with Ms Clenney. I was in the homicide unit and I have pictures of her bruises.

The judge approached Clenney and said that she was not the judge who should be making these decisions and that she wanted a judge who knew more about her case to take over.

“I don’t want to make any decision and then jeopardize any kind of decision rights that you would have before a judge who might be more familiar with the facts of the case… For all of these reasons, I am going to m refrain at this time from intervening in my opinion and allowing this case to be reset before the judge who will hear the case.

They make no decision other than to tell Clenney that she’s here because she was arrested on a warrant and is currently charged with second degree murder and that she will go before a judge and have a conversation more in depth on this. time.

The meeting is scheduled for September 6.

Prior to her extradition, Clenney had been held without bail in Hawaii.

The Miami State’s Attorney’s Office released video in early August showing Clenney attacking Obumseli in an elevator just two months before police said they stabbed him to death.

According to the arrest warrant, Clenney claimed she threw the knife at Obumseli from 10 feet away, but a graphic description from the medical examiner’s office revealed that Obumseli suffered a knife wound three inches from depth. The type of injury, they say, caused by heavy pressure.

CBS4 has learned that domestic violence has been constant in Obumseli and Clenney’s two-year relationship.

According to the arrest warrant, “One Paraiso security documented so many incidents of argument, including complaints from tenants two floors above, that building management was headed for legal action. to evict the couple”.

Prieto said she was in Hawaii seeking professional help to deal with the trauma she suffered the night of the stabbing.

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