Chester hair loss clinic wins £10,000 prize at Cheshire Business Awards

A Chester-based company that helps people with hair loss has been honored with a £10,000 cash prize at this year’s Cheshire Business Awards.

The overall Business Excellence winner at the event was Morgan’s Hair, Beauty & Wigs Limited, a business of Rebecca Morgan-Brennan.

Rebecca said: “What can I say, we are absolutely blown away to not only win the prize, but to then win the final prize and £10,000; just wow!

“It will mean so much to us as a company. We are a strong team of hairdressers who see how many people truly struggle in life with hair loss for all reasons, all genders and all ages.

“Your hair can be your crown and your glory, your identity, your personality, your confidence. The daily struggle to live a normal life with hair loss is enormous for most people we see. We want to give the best advice , services and solutions for men, women and children, making these solutions as affordable as possible.

“Getting recognition for the work we do pushes us to improve every day. The money will be used to give staff more training on wigs and the mental side effects that hair loss can have on an individual.

“We want to use some of the money to support children suffering from hair loss and create an online app for people to privately ask questions about any concerns they have about their hair loss or a member of their family. family or friend; thus providing a safe haven for them.

“We encounter different circumstances every day that affect people’s lives through hair loss and we want to provide the best possible support to each individual that we can.”

Patron Elizabeth Pringle MD of Pace Investments said: “Tonight’s awards were made up of many categories, and the main ones for me were Community Impact Award, Woman of the Year and those who showed growth massive after the pandemic.

“However, the one winner that really stood out for me from a personal perspective was Rebecca Morgan-Brennan’s company, Morgan’s Hair, Beauty & Wigs Ltd.

“Rebecca makes such a difference to everyday people and I couldn’t help but invest in her to enable her to do even more good with her business. I was honored to be able to present her with this award because of the incredible difference what she does in everyday life.

Joanna Scott-Aspray, CEO of the Cheshire Club, added: “All of our small business winners in 2022 have the same business ethos, of their sheer determination and strength, to survive a pandemic or even to settle thanks to Covid.

“For some it was about changing the way they work and the services they offer and for others it was about riding the storm and believing in themselves.

“But what they all have in common is due to their greatness and what they have achieved through graft, determination and resilience. Small business owners have it tough and that’s a lonely place for many.

“I know the awards have done exactly what I set out to do; give people hope, bring them together with a sense of support and unity, and most importantly give a sense of well-being!”

The winners were:

FAMILY BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 2022 – Sponsored by The M Project

Catherine Hayden – Heavenly House Cleaning

“Catherine won through her commitment to excellence and dedication to her staff and clients. She is down to earth, kind and genuine. She has taken up many challenges and has always won!


Rachel Stevens – BeeU Mental Health Campaign

“Rachel won through her mental health fundraising work and cause who dedicated hours of her time to helping deals, especially in the bullying business. She always puts others before herself.

2022 OUTSTANDING FAST GROWING COMPANY AWARD – Sponsored by Pace Investments

Amy Shevlin – UK Laser It Ltd

“Amy has won through hard work and dedication, often working alone to open two clinics in close succession with plans to expand and add many new services.”

COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR 2022 – Sponsored by Flossy le Vintage VW Events Camper

Josie May & Charlotte Balbier – The Money Gurus

“Josie and Charlotte won with their dynamic and natural approach to helping other women succeed in an often difficult space. They bounce off each other, making them an incredible fit with years of expertise.

THE 2022 INNOVATION AWARD – Presented by Sinclair Law

Chloe Blair – Winners Strength and Wellness Studio

“Chloe won with her unique and innovative concept and committed approach to mental health and creating a safe space for women.”

2022 STAR OF THE YEAR – Sponsored by Morgans Hair, Beauty & Wigs Ltd

Lucy Allen – Piccolino Restaurants

“Lucy won because of her professional approach to her role. She is easy to work with and gets the job done. It honors the Piccolino brand.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2022 – Sponsored by Heavenly Homes Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd

Abbie Potter – Wren Kitchens

“Abbie won because in an often male dominant position within the industry, she excelled and still shines despite adversity. She never gives up and always helps others.”


Olivia Thornton Stubbs – San Carlo Restaurants

“Olivia needs no introduction in the hospitality industry. She is super organized, pleasant and always delivers. He’s a key member of the San Carlo team!

SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 2022 – Sponsored by Helen Carouzos Psychology

Aga Mortlock – Aga Mortlock Photography

“Aga won this award for her dynamic and innovative approach to her profession. Its shoots are always relaxed and fun, and its systems and customer service are second to none.”

WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2022 – Sponsored by Rodial Beauty

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan – Morgans Hair, Beauty & Wigs Ltd

“Rebecca won because of her commitment to making others feel good, her caring and genuine nature and the services she provides to many people with health issues who have faced a truly terrible illness. . She also provides an incredible service to the NHS.”

BEST BUSINESS STARTUP 2022 – Sponsored by The Queen Bee – IATQB

Lara Besbrode – The Matchmaker United Kingdom

“Lara has accomplished so much in a short time. Growing her business on her own and at a rapid pace. She’s also been on podcasts, TV and radio. She’s had some very successful matches.

2022 OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUR AWARD – Sponsored by Katie Webster Coaching

Emma Guy – Watery Digital

“Emma won through her entrepreneurial approach, facing personal adversity along the way. She created Aqueous Digital with her husband, a very successful company and also had time to study, start other businesses and publish a book.

MOST OUTSTANDING COMPANY AWARD 2022 – in association with the Cheshire Club

Dom Sabine – Streetstar Studios UK

“Dom won this award because of his ‘think outside the box’ approach, professionalism, unique ideas and willingness to help others. He has always evolved with the times, diversifying and providing the best services in his industry and knows how to turn everything he touches into gold!

The awards host was Happy Radio’s Darren Proctor. The judges included entrepreneurs Thomas G Hurst from Rockstar Spirits (who was on Dragon’s Den), Real Housewives of Cheshire and business owner Lauren Simon and author Kerry Daynes from TV’s Faking it.

Among the guests and award presenters is Lewis Ellis, a digital marketing consultant who made the bottom five on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ and has partnered with Pace Investments to launch his own digital agency.

The event raised funds for Variety, the children’s charity ( on the evening, helping to provide practical help that makes an immediate difference to disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.

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