Common Mistakes Made During the Oregon Immigration Process

Many forms for the federal government require the payment of specific support fees.

Portland, OR – The immigration process has a number of very specific rules that must be followed when someone needs their green card, visa or applies for citizenship. Mistakes during this time can result in rejected applications, delays in processing, or even formal legal action being taken against the individual, such as deportation in serious cases or if fraud is found. Due to the risk of problems and delays, it is important that anyone in need of assistance meets with a local immigration attorney.

Not getting proper permissions

People who want to work and stay in the United States will need a visa or green card until they can become eligible to become a citizen. Not only is a visa necessary to work or attend school, but the applicant must also identify and receive the correct type of visa specific to their situation. Those who have entered the country without the proper authorization should get legal help immediately, as the government may be able to send them to attend a deportation hearing.

Attempt to file documents in a foreign language

Every document filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must be in English or it will be rejected. Even identification documents issued by another country in a foreign language must be sent with an English translation. If a translator is used, they must submit a formal statement that their translations are complete and accurate.

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Oregon Immigration Lawyers will often provide applicable translation services or referrals to translators if needed.

Payments that must accompany the documents

Many forms for the federal government require the payment of specific support fees. This amount must be exact, otherwise the deposit will not be processed. Anyone who is about to submit documents should check the fee schedule and the specific form they are filing before doing so.

Missed deadlines

One of the most serious problems a foreign person living in the United States can face is missing a renewal or staying illegally after their visa expires. Other issues such as address changes should also be reported. It is common for people in this situation to be deported if the government discovers that the person is staying in the country without specific authorization. Some people forced to leave may even have to wait several years before they can legally return to the United States.

Meet with an Oregon Immigration Lawyer is a site that lists immigration lawyers in Portland and other American cities. Anyone needing the advice of an immigration attorney can choose their state to get in touch with a legal professional.

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