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Ahmedabad: A 47-year-old man from Vejalpur committed suicide by hanging himself in his home on July 18, allegedly due to constant harassment by a woman he had borrowed money from ten years ago and who was constantly getting money back from him.
Aabid Shaikh, brother of the deceased, Sadiq Sheikhin his FIR with Vejalpur Police, said that on July 18 he received a call from Sadiq’s children telling him that their father had locked himself in his room and was not answering.
Aabid rushed to the house of the Femi Park Society and broke down the door with the help of a neighbor and found Sadiq suspended. He was taken to a private hospital in Jivraj Park where he was pronounced dead.
He said in the FIR that the family later found Sadiq’s suicide note on his bed, in which he blamed a woman from Shah-e-Alam, Yasmin Bano Cheikhfor pushing him to suicide.
He said he had borrowed money from her ten years ago, which he had paid off for a decade. Even after that, Yasmine Bano demanded more and more money.
Sadiq said in the suicide note that Yasmin Bano started threatening to kill him for not paying her every time she asked for money. The suicide note stated that he was going to commit suicide due to Yasmin Bano’s constant harassment.
A Vejalpur police officer said Sadiq did not mention the amount borrowed and repaid in the note. Yasmin Bano, accused of incitement to suicide, has not yet been arrested. tnn


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