“Creditors of closed banks, shareholders received a liquidation dividend of 6.16 billion naira”


The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation said on Thursday that a total of 6.16 billion naira had been paid out as a liquidation dividend to 1,955 creditors and shareholders of closed banks.

NDIC Managing Director and CEO Mr. Bello Hassan, who revealed this on the company’s special day at the 42nd Kano International Trade Fair in 2021, said N11.76 billion had paid out in the form of sums insured to 353,815 depositors of closed banks and N101. 66 billion of uninsured sums as of June 30, 2021.

Instructively, the corporation declared payment in full of the insured and uninsured amounts of depositors of 18 banks in liquidation. This implies that the company has made a liquidation dividend to pay all the depositors of the banks, who come forward for payment, ”he said.

He warned bank customers against disclosing their sensitive bank details to anyone in order to isolate their savings from hackers.

He said: “Bank depositors should not under any circumstances patronize the services of Ponzi schemes and illegal fund managers, otherwise known as ‘miracle banks’, who pose as depository institutions to fool unsuspecting members of the public. of their hard-making money.

“Members of the public should refrain from transferring funds through such purported entities which are not licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as depository institutions and therefore not covered by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation. ”

Hassan said it was time to promote the great potential of a vibrant and resilient micro, small and medium-sized enterprise sector as a key element in the revitalization of the national economy.

He said it will invariably contribute to economic growth, reduce poverty and encourage financial inclusion.

According to him, this is essential, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused disruption and challenges in business activities.

“Nigerian depositors are our priority, and our foundation rests on ensuring the safety and security of their deposits. This ideal is summed up in our slogan “Protect your bank deposits”. The slogan shows that NDIC is not like other conventional insurance companies, ”he added.

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