Early voting begins October 18 in Canutillo’s ISD bond election in November



The independent school district of Canutillo will hold a $ 187.5 million school bond election on November 2 and early voting will begin in a few weeks.

The ICAD School Board voted 3-1 to approve a bond election order in early August, after three months of committee meetings held to develop bond project ideas and solicit the community review.

The bond would be used to finance new construction or improvements in each CISD educational institution.

School districts borrow money through bonds to finance upgrades and construction of facilities. Districts need voter approval to sell bonds and then repay the money over time. By law, bond financing cannot be used for day-to-day operating expenses.

The district maintains that the bond would not increase Canutillo ISD’s taxpayer tax rate.

The development of buildings within the district boundaries increased the total value of the taxable property of the CISD and generated more funding for the district, thus eliminating the need to increase the tax rate. This development should continue, according to the 2021 compulsory education web page on the neighborhood website.

Because the interest rates are low, the district could pay less interest on the bonds. The district is looking to generate enough income at the current tax rate to pay off low-interest debt with an increase in the value of development properties, according to the district’s website.

Annual district debt payments are also expected to decline over time as the district pays its debts. This could free up money to pay off the debt issued under the 2021 compulsory education.

Information on the Canutillo ISD 2021 school bond vote

Election day is November 2, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Canutillo College at 7311 Bosque Road
  • Canutillo Elementary School at 651 Canutillo Avenue.
  • Reyes Elementary School at 7440 Northern Pass Drive

Early voting is October 18-29; times will vary. It will be at the Canutillo ISD Administrative Center at 7965 Artcraft Road from:

  • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 18-22
  • 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. 23-24 Oct.
  • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 25-29 Oct.

Proposal A of $ 177.5 million would be used to improve school facilities and maintenance, and Proposal B of $ 10 million would refinance the district’s existing debt. Completion of the proposed bond projects could take seven years.

Proposition A: school facilities for $ 177.5 million

  • New vocational and technological education building at Canutillo secondary school
  • An additional classroom wing has been added to Reyes Primary School to reduce overcrowding
  • Purchase and construction of land for the new college in Alderete
  • Permanent building for Northwest Early College High School to replace mobile classrooms
  • Multipurpose buildings for four primary school campuses
  • Reuse the Jose J. Alderete College to house the new offices and central office of the Lone Star building
  • Storage facility
  • Purchase of land for a future primary school
  • District-wide improvements
  • College baseball and softball fields
  • Canutillo High School Baseball and Softball Lights
  • Artificial turf on college football fields
  • Protective canopies in the bus pick-up areas of the Canutillo secondary school
  • Primary school bus lanes
  • District-wide reduction of hazardous materials

Proposal B: reimbursement of maintenance tax bills for $ 10 million

This bond proposal would allow the district to refinance borrowed funds to support distance education during the COVID-19 pandemic, to include LED lighting, computers and Canutillo Connect, a digital community that provides universal internet access. outside.

Canutillo ISD Superintendent Pedro Galaviz visited Congressman Silvestre & Carolina Reyes Elementary and Jose J. Alderete Middle School during the opening of Canutillo ISD in fall 2020.

The new vocational and technological education building at Canutillo High School would house STEM programs, including “engineering, biomedical, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing and machine mechanics or robotics as well as science programs. to include a patient care technician, dental assistant and pharmacy technician (programs), “according to an ICAD press release.

Alderete’s new middle school in northwest El Paso, where Interstate 10 and Loop 375 meet, would meet expected growth and help reduce traffic congestion in and around the current school .

A new classroom wing for Congressman Silvestre & Carolina Reyes Elementary would help reduce overcrowding as the campus is overcapacity in terms of student population. Elementary is about 10 minutes from Canutillo and caters to the Cimarron community.

The bond would also fund safety and security improvements on each campus, such as security lobbies that would eliminate public access to student areas.

District-wide improvements include building maintenance projects such as replacement of floors and ceilings, upgrading of HVAC system and plumbing, replacement of doors, expansion of the parking lot of school and modernization of playgrounds and sports grounds.

Canutillo’s ISD voters approved the issuance of $ 44 million in bonds in 2011 for district additions, improvements and construction. The bond referendum was known as Decision 11. Funding paid for the construction of Congressman Silvestre & Carolina Reyes School, a kindergarten through fifth grade campus.

More than a dozen community meetings have taken place regarding the link, the press release said.

Members of the Canutillo community are invited to attend upcoming in-person or virtual community meetings on the ICAD 2021 School Link. More information can be found at www.canutillo-isd.org/bond. Community meetings are available at https://bit.ly/3hMKRAQ.

Information presentations and question-and-answer sessions with district administrators can be scheduled for local community organizations by calling 915-877-7482.

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