Economists estimate $ 100 million lost in revenue with Georgia leaving All-Star Game



ATLANTA, Georgia (WJBF) Georgia’s loss is Colorado’s victory, with today’s All Star-Game taking place in Denver instead of Atlanta.

MLB made decision to leave Atlanta after Gov. Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 202 enacted in March and asserts that the “law on the integrity of elections” deprives minority voters of the right to vote.

Economists say the short-term loss of the MLB game leaving Atlanta could have long-term ripple effects.

Mike Lewis, professor of marketing at Goizueta Business School at Emory University, said: “I think there are direct economic impacts. You lose the hotel activity, the commercial activity. I’ve seen people put in a number of $ 100 million, but the long run is more questionable and more dangerous. If the state of Georgia starts losing movies, if Major League Baseball starts losing fans.

Bill Crane, political analyst at CSI Crane, said: “This is a kick in the teeth for the convention industry which has already emerged from the pandemic. Reservations have been made months in advance which are canceled, aerial BNBs contracted, and rentals in the North Atlanta Metropolitan Arc. “

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp blames Democrats like Stacey Abrams for the “cancellation culture” for losing state business.

Deborah Scott, CEO, said, “Business as usual cannot happen in Georgia. It is a state that has been repressive towards blacks and browns. “

“If you think of Georgia as a brand and MLB as a brand, people love brands because of their memories and experiences with them,” Lewis said.

Scott said: “Sometimes change is brutal and messy and sometimes it costs money. Doing the right thing also costs money. It is not a culture of cancellation but a question of responsibility.

But voting rights groups say MLB made the right choice because it shows that bad policy measures will impact business in Georgia.

“I think the fact that the game has moved is a responsible gesture on the part of some business leaders. I think this is a good thing. Sometimes we have to go through tough times to get to a better reality, ”Scott said.

The MLB move prompted other industries to move camps out of Georgia like Will Smith’s latest film. Religious leaders even triggered a boycott of Home Depot for failing to take a public stand on Senate Bill 202.

Democrats argue Senate Bill 202 harms black voters and is a retaliatory bill for Georgia that turns blue, and restricts drop boxes and people getting food and water online.

However, according to Republicans in the state, even though there hasn’t been widespread fraud, these checks and balances, such as photo IDs for mail-in ballots, are needed to restore voter confidence and the integrity of elections.


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