Evening update: Ottawa invokes 1977 treaty with US in Enbridge Line 5 dispute; Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan’s Food Business Records for Creditor Protection



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Next Steps in Enbridge Line 5 Dispute with Michigan

Ottawa invokes a 1977 treaty with the United States to begin government-to-government negotiations over the fate of Line 5, a vital oil pipeline for Canada facing a threat of closure from the state of Michigan. This represents an escalation of this dispute between Canada and the United States.

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The move follows a breakdown in court-ordered mediation talks last month between Enbridge Inc. and Michigan, where Governor Gretchen Whitmer last fall ordered Line 5 to stop carrying oil through the the state’s Straits of Mackinac waterway, citing the risk of an oil spill.

Gordon Giffin, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada who acts as legal counsel to the Canadian government, today informed a U.S. federal judge in Michigan that Canada has formally invoked Article 9 of the Pipeline Transit Treaty of 1977 “through diplomatic channels” to request negotiations.

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Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan’s Restaurant and Food Business Files for Creditor Protection

Celebrity chef Mark McEwan’s restaurant, delicatessen and events business has secured creditor protection, warning that unless it is allowed to “properly size” its operations, it could run out of business. ‘money in a matter of weeks.

Toronto-based McEwan Enterprises was in trouble even before the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in temporary closures and reduced traffic to its sites. The company has not been profitable since 2017, according to court documents.

In addition to its six restaurants, including Bymark, Fabbrica and One Restaurant, McEwan Enterprises also operates two food halls and a delicatessen, partners with the Goodfood meal kit service and generates income through McEwan’s television and media projects, such as Best Chef in Canada.

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Shares of real estate company China Evergrande suspended in repurchase agreement

Trading in shares of the China Evergrande group was halted today as the announcement missed another key bond interest payment, bringing the ailing Chinese real estate giant closer to default.

The world’s most indebted real estate developer, Evergrande has been on the verge of collapse for weeks now, as it struggles to keep up with nearly $ 305 billion in liabilities. Its debt problems raised fears of a collapse that could spill over into the world, although concerns eased somewhat after the central bank pledged to protect the interests of homebuyers.

Another Guangdong-based real estate developer, Hopson Development Holdings, has been reported to acquire 51% of Evergrande Property Services Group, in a deal worth around $ 5.14 billion .


Ontario pledges not to raise “painful” taxes or cut spending: Ontario remains committed to “the most cautious reopening in Canada” to avoid future lockdowns from COVID-19, the provincial government said in a Speech from the Throne today, while promising an economic recovery fueled by growth and not “painful tax hikes or spending cuts.”

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Facebook in the news: Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms suffered a global outage today, but the company did not say what could be causing the outage. Facebook is going through a separate major crisis after whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former product manager, provided the Wall Street Journal with internal documents that exposed the company’s awareness of the damage done by some of its products and decisions.

California Oil Spill Probe: Authorities investigating one of California’s largest oil spills are investigating whether a ship’s anchor may have struck a pipeline on the ocean floor, causing a major oil spill, authorities say. Pipeline operator Amplify Energy has been cited 72 times for safety and environmental violations that were serious enough that drilling had to be reduced or stopped to resolve the issue, according to regulatory records. In picture : The oil spill is one of the largest in recent California history

Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded: US scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian won the Nobel Prize in medicine this year for their discoveries of temperature and touch receptors that could pave the way for new pain relievers. In 2017, Julius was named the recipient of Canada’s prestigious Gairdner International Award.

The Ambassador Bridge reopens: Police said the Ambassador Bridge border crossing between Windsor and Detroit has reopened to traffic as an investigation into an “isolated incident” of possible explosives continues.

Captain Kirk flies into space: Canadian born William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek The television series will take off on October 12 aboard a capsule operated by Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space travel company. “Yes that’s right; I’m going to be a ‘rocket man!’ ‘, 90 years old tweeted.

In today’s episode of The decibel Podcast: Globe Telecommunications Industry Journalist Alexandra Posadzki Talks About SIM Card Swapping, Port Fraud, And The Dangers To Your Identity

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Wall Street ended sharply lower today as investors ditched Big Tech and other growth stocks amid rising Treasury yields, as concerns over a possible U.S. government default offered another reason of caution. Canada’s main stock exchange followed suit.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 323.54 points or 0.94% to 34,002.92 points, the S&P 500 lost 56.58 points or 1.3% to 4,300.46 and the Nasdaq Composite lost 311, 22 points or 2.14% at 14,255.48.

The S & P / TSX Composite Index slipped 98.62 points or 0.49% to 20,052.25.

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This time the time is up for the Blue Jays

“We can scientifically identify the most promising moment of the Toronto season – 4:26 pm Sunday, October 3. It was then that everything was going in the right direction. The clock starts again in six months.Catherine kelly

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Is the war on bike lanes finally over?

“A protected cycle path is obviously safer than a faded line painted on the street. What is fascinating are the results of research in 2019 which concluded that such cycling infrastructure can make the streets of a city safer for all users – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Globe Editorial

Eliminating gifted programs deprives talented students of an education to match their potential

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“It is actually easier to meet the diverse needs of students in the regular classroom if the range of abilities is narrower. When students of all levels are grouped together, the teacher is called upon to help regular students while challenging advanced students. John barsby, retired teacher


Almost one in four Canadians has high blood pressure and in some cases is resistant to drug therapy. The good news is that new research shows that a combination of diet, reduced sodium intake, and exercise can lead to significant blood pressure lowering effects in people with resistant hypertension. When it comes to diet, that means following DASH guidelines (DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.) To learn more about DASH and its benefits, click here.


I’m not lazy, I’m just retired

My wife and I, for most of our lives, viewed laziness as a serious character flaw. We were brought up with the good old Victorian ethic that hard work is necessary for salvation; the brainwashing was, and is, effective.

After I retired, it took a while for me to get used to not having a paid job. I slowly realized that far from being a sin, laziness could be my best friend. Part of the assumption is a lack of motivation. However, in my case it is not a lack of motivation but rather another view of what is important.

I know what I want to do – not much, actually – and have started using laziness as a shield to avoid what I don’t want. For example, while once a social gadfly, I now have little interest in social gatherings; this avoidance was facilitated by COVID-19. Also, I rarely answer the phone assuming none of my friends would call me. Read Bill Jermyn full test here.

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