Facing Bhagwant Mann CM reflects AAP’s ‘bankruptcy’, says Sukhbir Badal – Reuters

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CHANDIGARH: SAD leader Sukhbir Singh Badal said on Tuesday that making Bhagwant Mann the chief ministerial face reflected the “complete bankruptcy” of the Aam Aadmi party.

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader also called Mann a “dummy face”, alleging that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is the “real face” of the AAP in the state.

Badal was reacting to the AAP’s announcement declaring Mann as the primary ministerial face for the February 20 assembly elections.

Earlier in the day, AAP national organizer Arvind Kejriwal announced the results of the party’s ‘Janta Chunegi Apna CM’ campaign, in which he asked the people of Punjab who should be his choice for the highest position.

On the other hand, Punjab Minister and Congress Leader Raj Kumar Verma has called the AAP exercise to regain his CM face a farce, saying that the people of Punjab will not be fooled as they have already decided to bring back Congress. in power.

Badal, meanwhile, said the AAP had fallen back on “compromised” candidate Bhagwant Mann because no one was ready to lead the party in Punjab.

Calling Mann’s appointment a “scene-run non-event”, the SAD chairman said Kejriwal never wanted to make him the face of the party in Punjab.

“He said it in front of Mann while saying the party was looking for a capable candidate. It’s also a fact that the AAP surveyed a number of potential candidates, but each of them refused to lead. the party. That is why responsibility was placed on Bhagwant after a bogus investigation,” Badal said in a statement here.

He said making Mann the face of the party reflected the “complete bankruptcy” of the AAP.

Badal said: “A desperate public relations exercise is underway to wash away Mann’s omissions and commissions and project him as a leader who can take on the role of chief minister, even though his capricious and irresponsible conduct is well known to all.”

Badal said Kejriwal cannot take Punjabis to be so “naive” that they approve of his “buffered” candidate.

“They need strong and decisive leadership as well as a leader with a proven record of driving rapid development as well as ensuring public order, peace and community harmony in this border state. Bhagwant Mann does not fit this bill,” Badal said.

Later, Badal said in a tweet, “AAP’s new CM face @BhagwantMann is a model. AAP is campaigning on ‘ek mauka Kejriwal nu’. Will he now uproot the boards put up on Pb, changing it to ‘ek mauka Bhagwant Mann nu’? Obviously not. @ArvindKejriwal continues to be the true face of PAA in Punjab.”

Meanwhile, BJP General Secretary Tarun Chugh slammed the AAP for choosing Mann and recalled how the AAP unit chief in Punjab was lambasted in the Lok Sabha for his “unsound” behavior. drunk” and how some members of the Lok Sabha had complained against him.

“But the AAP doesn’t care about everything and by organizing the so-called popular vote via social media, it paved the way for a tarnished leader to become the face of the chief minister,” Chugh said.

He sent serious signals to Punjab about how the AAP would govern if it came to power, he said in the statement.

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