Indian boy commits suicide over £ 28,000 debt



An Indian boy committed suicide after being unable to pay a debt of £ 28,000.

The tragic incident happened in Uttar Pradesh Sitapur district.

Unable to repay the money he had borrowed, young Manoj committed suicide.

Doctors treated him in the hospital for several hours, but were unable to resuscitate him.

After his death, Manoj’s widow, Kamati, demanded Ajay Singh’s arrest for driving him to suicide.

Before his suicide, Manoj and Kamati lived with their three daughters.

Manoj had a timber trading business with a partner, Tariq. However, their partnership broke down and a debt of £ 10,000 fell on Manoj.

Police said the young Indian had taken out a loan of more than £ 28,000 from people in nearby neighborhoods, including his own hometown, to pay off the debt.

Manoj and Tariq then mended their relationship, but Tariq continuously forced Manoj to repay his debts even after their reconciliation.

Kamati alleges that Tariq pressured Manoj to meet with Godaicha outpost manager Ajay Singh.

Also according to Kamati, Manoj has been threatened several times with selling his house in order to pay off his debts.

She believes that her husband was driven to suicide because of this mental pressure.

Police say Kamati’s allegations of mental torture on her husband are baseless.

They believe the only reason Manoj committed suicide was his financial difficulties.

However, the police are still investigating the case and Manoj’s body has been sent for an autopsy.

Financial difficulties and unpaid debts can often lead people to commit suicide.

In 2019, 22-year-old Lovepreet Singh committed suicide at his home in Barnala district, Punjab.

The death of the young Indian marked three generations of his family to commit suicide due to unpaid debt.

Singh’s great-grandfather ended his life 40 years before him, failing to repay a loan he had taken out.

His financial difficulties descended into the family line, and Lovepreet Singh followed his father and grandfather to resort to suicide.

The unpaid loan amounted to around £ 8,500. However, the Singh family only owned one acre of farmland, which was not enough to pay off the debt.

As a result, the Singhs took out several loans from banks and private lenders over several decades.

Indian farmers account for the majority of suicides in the country. In 2019, farmers accounted for 7.4% of the total suicide victims in India.

This equates to 28 members of the Indian farming community committing suicide every day.


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