Judge gives central warehouse owner one last chance to pay off debts


ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – A federal bankruptcy court judge has given the owner of Central Warehouse in Albany one last chance to craft a plan to pay off debts and code violations owed to Albany County.

Evan Blum filed for bankruptcy last June after the county seized the building for non-payment of property taxes. He owes $ 520,000 in back taxes and also faces violations of the code.

According to court documents, Blum in November unveiled a plan to pay off the debt over five years using the warehouse as storage space while turning it into an art gallery. Judge Robert Littlefield, Jr. expressed his concerns at a hearing this week about how quickly code violations could be dealt with.

“I’m not going to let him sit there, as far as I know he is going to sit there for five years with code violations under a contentious heading,” he said. “I’m not comfortable with it.”

Blum must now file a more detailed plan ahead of the next hearing, which is scheduled for December 20.

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