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Julia Trubkina previously called plastic surgery lazy. Now 90 Day Fiancé fans are calling her to promote other methods of rapid weight loss.

Julia Trubkina has earned her place in the 90 day fiancé franchise as a minor villain, and viewers are now calling on Brandon Gibbs’ wife for her hypocritical promotion of weight loss products. Julia made it very clear to the audience where she stood on rapid weight loss methods such as plastic surgery. Therefore, viewers find the 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? and Pillow talk star for being hypocritical for his promotion of vitamin products for the flat stomach.

Numerous 90 day fiancé fans consider Tell-All season 8 to be the origin story of Julia’s villain. Julia’s teammate Rebecca Parrott had opted for weight loss surgery, while Julia’s friend Yara Zaya said she was getting her nose done. Yara defended women’s rights to plastic surgery, but an animated Julia lambasted women as “lazyto have surgery for thin appearances. Julia said that people, especially young people, should go to the fitness club to change their appearance. As a former bodybuilder and dancer, Julia has a lot of experience with the workout.This is why viewers are very confused that she took on promoting questionable products for rapid weight loss.

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Reddit user U / blackmagikmike recently shared one of Julia’s Instagram posts featuring her with Brandon in a sponsored ad for Flat Tummy Co. “No gym club, just go BoomBodThe user captioned the post, which saw Julia promoting the apple cider vinegar candy. Commentators immediately called on Julia and her husband to promote what fans consider a sketchy business, especially since ‘she said rapid weight loss was lazy. “Kudos to Brandon and Julia on being selected to be the 90-day billionth couple to grab the snake oil that is BoomBod, “one of the best commentators called it “hypocriticalone commentator wrote, while another fan pointed out that Julia and Brandon received a lot of criticism for their promotion.

In addition to mocking Julia for her hypocritical stance on weight loss, Brandon has also been called into question for her suggestive pose which fans have found unintentionally awkward. “Looks like Brandon went to some of his parents’ swingers parties …one commentator joked. Others said the couple had sold out, as did many 90 day fiancé the actors had done before them. “Not another pair! Angela is promoting her for weight loss even though we’ve all seen her surgeries. Nicole and Danielle have apparently been there for years and still look the same. The before and after photos are ridiculous!Another commentator wrote. The validity of Flat Tummy Co. has been seriously questioned, leading viewers to criticize Brandon and Julia for promoting a potential fraudulent product.

Unfortunately, many reality stars start selling products to their growing follower bases seemingly without doing extensive research. Companion 90 day fiancé Franchise star Molly Hopkins has also been accused of promoting a shady business. The empowered business owner has shocked fans by promoting Plexus products as many fans believe they are fraudulent products sold in a pyramid structure. Viewers are disappointed to see Brandon and Julia be next 90 day fiancé stars to promote questionable products to their subscribers.

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Source: Julia Trubkina / Instagram, u / blackmagikmike / Reddit

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