Rafizi slapped with letter of formal notice after accusing PAS leader of corruption

PKR Deputy Chairman Rafizi Ramli has been threatened with legal action over allegations of abuse in the award of a RM2 billion contract by the government for flood mitigation works.

Environment and Water Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, whose lawyers published the letter of formal notice against Rafizi today, had denied having approved any project since the dissolution of parliament on October 10.

He also said that he ensured that all projects approved by his ministry complied with financial procedures, and that he never interfered in matters concerning tenders issued by the ministry.

The letter published by his lawyers today indicates that Rafizi on November 7 and 9 made two statements at press conferences in Petaling Jaya, claiming, among other things, that Tuan Ibrahim, in his capacity as minister, was to approve the direct tender award project to Mangkubumi Sdn Bhd, and that he had been secretly involved in awarding projects under the Jana Wibawa scheme.

Lawyers for Tuan Ibrahim said the allegations imply that he abused his position as environment and water minister, was unqualified for the job and was a person without integrity that had no morals and no respect for the rule of law.

They said that Rafizi also implied that Tuan Man, the vice president of PAS, was involved in corrupt activities and used his ministry for the benefit of a company in order to profit for himself. .

They also accused Rafizi of using the case as campaign material for the upcoming elections, to profit from the race for the Pandan parliamentary seat.

They gave Rafizi seven days to issue a written statement that he would stop making such statements, along with a public apology and a suggestion of compensation.

Failing that, they said, they had been instructed to take appropriate action, including the possibility of legal action.

Rafizi had rejected calls to report the matter to Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission, saying it would not be investigated.

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