Saqqaf says government is ‘very committed’ to repaying debts owed to SSIF | Jordan News

Ammon News – The government continues to repay its debts to the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) and deposits payments directly into the fund’s account with the Central Bank of Jordan, SSIF CEO Kholoud Saqqaf said on Sunday.

During a meeting with the Economy and Investment Committee of the Lower House of Parliament in the House of Representatives, Saqqaf said that as of June 30, 2022, SSIF’s assets totaled JD 13.3 billion. and its profits amounted to JD 371 million.

The Fund has acquired 30,000 dunums with 12 artesian wells, where 8,000 dunums will be planted under the first phase of the project, she said, adding that these lands will be used for growing wheat, barley and cattle feed in the Al Mudawara region. in the south. Each dunam produced 450 kilograms of the best seeds, and there will be another harvest in September this year, Saqqaf said.

She said the project has so far only cost JD 6 million and assured that it does not compete with small farmers.

She also informed lawmakers that SSIF is a shareholder of twelve local banks and that its stakes in Jordan Phosphate Mines Company and Arab Potash Company were 16% and 10% respectively.

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