SolutionBuggy: MSME entrepreneurs don’t need to be short of funds to get started

Not knowing how to start a manufacturing business can be frustrating for entrepreneurs. They may have an idea, a plan, or a dream, but don’t know where to start. SolutionBuggy, with its innovative AI-based platform, was created to solve this problem. The startup, which began its journey in 2016, is now a leading manufacturing consulting platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

“Our innovative AI-powered platform enables industries and consultants to collaborate and work together on projects,” says Arjun N, Founder and CEO. “We help manufacturing industries meet their technical and commercial challenges through our network of consultants. We also support new entrepreneurs who plan to enter the manufacturing sector by taking charge of the complete execution of the project. »

To date, SolutionBuggy has completed over 2,000 consulting projects and mapped over 10,000 experts across all industries nationwide. Essentially, it offers a dynamic platform for experts and customers to find customized solutions to unique challenges in the manufacturing sector. “We started our operations with the vision of creating an integrated and comprehensive ecosystem for manufacturing MSMEs in the country,” says Arjun.

Covid-19 has played a key role in the growing demand for digital platforms in India. In addition, the Atma Nirbhar Bharat program, which has led to an increase in the demand for indigenous products, has prompted many entrepreneurs to set up manufacturing factories. At the same time, the lack of quality solutions and consulting services has prevented many from taking the plunge.

Although there were some small consultancies, there was no independent platform to meet the needs of MSMEs in the manufacturing sector. “Awareness of this deficit is why we launched SolutionBuggy”, explains Guruprasad Bangle, the CTO. “MSME registration in manufacturing is growing at a CAGR of 20%, bolstering the prospects for our AI-powered platform,” he said.

With a huge push from the government, MSMEs in the manufacturing sector are poised for a new phase of growth and development. Vikas Manral, Chief Marketing Officer at SolutionBuggy, said, “We see great potential in collaborating with larger players to achieve increased productivity and efficiency in manufacturing.” He adds, “I believe that the manufacturing sector in India is on the verge of huge growth and MSMEs will account for most of that growth.

On average, SolutionBuggy receives over 200 inquiries per day, highlighting the reach of process-based consulting. As the startup aims to be a one-stop-shop for all manufacturing-related consulting needs, it has expanded into categories ranging from establishing new factories to financing assistance to development and diversification. new products. He also offers advice on certifications and licensing, turnkey PMC, marketing and business development, sales, supply chain logistics, among other areas.


— Starting in 2016, SolutionBuggy has successfully completed over 2,000 consulting projects
– He mapped more than 10,000 experts in all industries in the country
— It provides a platform for experts and customers to find solutions to challenges specific to the manufacturing sector
— It aims to create an integrated and comprehensive ecosystem for manufacturing MSMEs in India

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