Suspension policy puts more undue pressure on teachers

The frightening denial of Hawke’s story

Michael Koziol’s exhortation to the Minister of Immigration (“Hawke the PM’s wingman”, February 19) denounces a ruthless liberal apparatchik. A significant revelation was Hawke’s denial of Australia’s treatment of its indigenous peoples in his claim “there was no Stolen Generation”.
Dispossession includes the government-sanctioned removal of generations of Indigenous children in acts of legalized racial abuse. Perhaps Hawke should consult Jordan Elizabeth Cory, whose article on locked-up 10-year-old Indigenous children also appeared in the Herald Saturday. Hawke’s denial of the Stolen Generations is all the more maddening as he is Morrison’s “man-machine”, ignoring living testimonies, historical documentation and Australian Aboriginal intervention laws of the last century. Despite Uluru’s inspiring Heart Statement in 2017, Indigenous dispossession and generational suffering continues. Gerardine Grace, Leura

Two of the most powerful men in our country, our Prime Minister and Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, came from the Church. If God requires all who profess the faith to be humble while acting with mercy and justice, why is the Murugappan family still hanging in political limbo and not living in Biloela? Julie Robinson, Cardiff

Thank you, Jordan Elizabeth Cory, for your brilliant summary of the shameful treatment of our Indigenous children. As a nation, it shames us to lock up Indigenous children as young as 10 when there are proven alternatives to incarceration. Andrew Macintosh, Cromer

Libs blind to realities

In another display of chronic deafness, and oblivious to hidden NSW being handed over to the Libs in Bega and Willoughby, it appears the Prime Minister wants to arm more ‘apparatchiks’ in federal seats, prompting parliamentary and executive Libs to threaten to legal action (“Liberal Screening Brawl Heads to Court,” February 19). Has anyone asked who Morrison thinks he is? The Liberal process wants its parliamentarians to choose the Prime Minister, not the other way around. Great parties deserve what they get, but the voting, tax-paying public deserves much better. Russell Murphy, Bayview

I don’t know why liberals are upset that Morrison chose liberal candidates. He likes Alex Hawke and Sussan Ley and endorsed Craig Kelly. What could go wrong? Elizabeth Sayers, Wentworth Falls

U-turn on China

It is encouraging to see the Herald calling out the government for its dangerous anti-China fear campaign against the PLA (“Coalition’s China fear campaign against the PLA crosses the line,” February 19). The government’s disreputable campaign is doing it a disservice, instead sacrificing truth, national security and Australia’s reputation in its game. Let’s not forget that it was politically expedient for a Liberal government to sign the deal 2015 Sino-Australian Free Trade Agreement and in 2018, Morrison said, “Australia welcomes the contribution that the Belt and Road Initiative can make to meeting the region’s infrastructure needs, and we wish to strengthen engagement with China in regional trade and infrastructure developments that align with international standards of governance and transparency.” The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Alison Stewart, Riverview

RBA path to inflation

As Ross Gittins notes (″⁣Interest Rate Debate Misses Crucial Ingredient″⁣, February 19), unemployment has fallen to historic lows, surprising both fiscal and monetary authorities. There is quite a bit of accentuation of the positive, elimination of the negative. The expenditure of the Commonwealth government and its deficit have been enormous. The Reserve Bank, without revealing itself, has adopted the modern monetary theory that all guns are trained on reducing unemployment. What are the negative points? An ultra-accommodative monetary policy, involving extremely low interest rates, destabilized the housing market. He has promoted the cryptocurrency craze, leading the ignorant down a very dangerous path. Most blatantly, the Reserve Bank apparently sees nothing wrong with expropriating wealth from the community by running a zero interest regime while seeking to raise the rate of inflation. Mike Bush, Port Macquarie

A simple lip service

Jessie Tu’s opinion (“Heart to Art”, February 19) that Klimt’s The Kiss is a picture of “thrilled love” is misplaced. Look at body language. His head is tight, his face has an air of resignation with closed lips. Her left hand only has her fingertips touching it, and her right hand fingers are wrinkled so she barely has to touch it. It should be called The Unwelcome Kiss. Anna Marshall, Leura

Respect the naval dead

Perce Partington, my great-uncle, was on board HMAS Perth when she was sunk by the Japanese in 1942 (‴⁣⁣It’s a war grave’: new battle over future of shipwreck″⁣, February 19). He survived and spent three years in a Japanese POW camp. Unfortunately, many of his shipmates did not survive. Not recognizing the wreck as a war grave and offering to open it to tourism is an insult to those who perished. The wreck must be protected and the memory of those who died must be respected. Greg Partington, Quakers Hill

Through thick and thin

Thank you for the letter on respecting sharks (Letters, February 19). I came to Australia almost 50 years ago and made a pact with the sharks: I won’t go into their habitat to annoy them, and they promised not to annoy me in mine. It worked perfectly. Jean Stiller, Bowral

grown-up problems

Your correspondent (Letters, February 19) makes strong remarks on the scourge of plastic. However, the idea of ​​displaying the shocking image in every classroom is misguided. Every conference room and every factory, please. Let the adults face the facts. Kids are anxious enough these days and shouldn’t be the repositories of everything that’s wrong with our greedy, myopic world. Shirley Prescott, Forest Lodge

It’s time to take care of the nurses

Now is the time to listen and respond to our nurses (Letters, February 19) with commensurate wages and conditions. They worked hard during the pandemic and supported our healthcare system beautifully as we tried to get back on our feet, fundamentally and financially. “It’s time.” Virginia Frame, South Turramurra

words out of reach

Please, everyone, stop ‘reaching out’ to me. Ask me, ask me, contact me, connect with me, ask me – but for the love of Pete, just stop your hellish reaching out. Anthea Doe, Russell Lea

The Winter Olympics commentators have perfected the medals and podiums so much that I would like to reward them for the shot. David Isaacs, Eastwood

digital vision
Online comment of one of the stories that attracted the most comments from readers yesterday on
Morrison on a collision course with states over hospital funding
From bella’s mom:″⁣The feds would rather spend money on pet projects — submarines and tanks, and pork barrels — than on the health of the nation. The only useful thing it does is hold the purse strings (via our income tax) and then make the states beg for money.″⁣

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