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CALABASAS, California, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Thrio, Inc., maker of award-winning cloud contact center software, today announced the launch of ThrioRedact â„¢, a new feature to reduce the risk of personally identifiable information falling between wrong hands. This AI-based data loss prevention capability automatically finds and writes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in interactions with customers of all types, across voice and digital channels. ThrioRedact goes beyond standard DLP and encrypts PIIs at every step and in every state, including in-memory buffers. ThrioRedact is integrated with Thrio, so implementing a more secure solution has never been easier to deploy. ThrioRedact Data Loss Protection is PCI and GDPR compliant and supports business compliance efforts globally.

With ThrioRedact, customers can:

  • Automatically identify, tag and delete personal information in audio files, call transcripts or text recordings
  • Encrypt PIIs even in temporary memory storage to further reduce risk
  • Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of compliance activities
  • Deploy compliance-driven FTEs to other revenue-generating tasks
  • Confidently store long-term recordings for in-house training, performance improvement, other remedial activities, or rapid identification in legal proceedings
  • Understand the flow of interactions during review due to inserting silence in audio tags and placeholder in text
  • Encrypt touch tones and / or voice commands captured in in-memory IVR interactions with AES standard
  • Restrict access to system data to ensure personal information is never written to the database or logs

“We are excited to help bring peace of mind to retail service providers, insurance companies, healthcare providers and other businesses that process sensitive data in the course of their business.” , said Ran Ezerzer, CTO of Thrio. “With ThrioRedact, businesses can effectively reduce reputational and financial risks in their contact center operations more easily and cost effectively than ever before.

“Thrio encrypts and applies DLP to all facets of end-to-end communication. Thrio builds a digital barrier around any PII, regardless of how it enters the contact center. We see ThrioRedact as a great way to further protect sensitive interactions across the board. “

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Thrio’s revolutionary CCaaS platform includes robotic process automation, inbound and outbound speech engines, a comprehensive suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social media) and a range of AI tools integrated. Thrio offers an API-first architecture and a range of security certifications that make it a smart choice for complex and high volume environments. Thrio’s team of contact center experts develops and markets advanced technology that sets a new standard for contact center reliability. To learn more, please visit

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