Welcome Energy owes 50 million euros: 70,000 unlucky customers, excluding tax

More than four months after the bankruptcy of Welkom Energie, coordinator Sjakko van Raaijen of Schop & Okkerse Advocaten is increasingly able to put the financial situation into perspective. And that’s a shame: Welcome Energy owes tens of millions of euros to its creditors, according to its second financial report. There are virtually no assets, contractor energy supplier Gap Packer has outsourced almost all services.

With around 13 million euros, the tax and customs administration is the biggest creditor. This amount is much higher than previously thought. Only 3.8 million euros were mentioned in the first bankruptcy report. The trustee says he remains hopeful of a large tax refund that will “benefit creditors”. Welkom Energie’s accountant has now filed all tax declarations.

Bank account

However, there are many more debts. For example, Welkom Energie’s Rabobank bank account shows a negative balance of 9.5 million euros. At least 70,000 of the previous 90,000 customers also have funds to pay: 20 million euros in total, or about 285 euros per customer. Fifteen other parties claim 6 million euros.


Welcome Energie does not own any real estate and does not own any office furniture or inventory.

Secretary of the second bankruptcy report, Sjakko van Raaijen

The UWV will also receive an amount to be determined. The agency settled the dismissal of the 10 employees who were employed by Welkom Energie.

Welcome Energy, in bankruptcy, already has an acknowledged debt of 48.9 million euros on its books. On the other hand, there are only 2.3 million euros in assets. Eneco spent more than 2 million euros to acquire 90,000 customers from Welkom Energie.

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Eneco acquired the 90,000 customers of Welkom Energie and paid more than 2 million euros for it. I earned money for real estate in bankruptcy. © Hollandse Hoogte / Peter Hilz

Tax authorities are on the front line

In general, only the tax and customs administration seems to be able to collect (part of) its taxation. The Civil Code defines the tax administration as a “privileged creditor”, giving priority to other creditors.

The UWV is also in such a favorable position. Banks are not preferred, but as lenders they can offer all sorts of securities. It was unclear from the bankruptcy report whether Rabobank had done so.

There are 70,000 repeat customers at the back of the queue in each scenario. They are “competing debtors” in legal jargon. The chances of some of their money coming back seem very slim.

Real estate can still grow

The amount of the estate can increase considerably. Of the 20,000 customers, coordinator Sjakko van Raaijen still owes 5 million euros, it was announced on Thursday. That is around 250 euros per customer.

Thousands of these customers used a scheme to recoup their excess energy costs. By having their Incasso Notified Incasso Notified Incasso Notified Incasso Notified Incasso Notified Incasso Notified Incasso Notification in their private bank, their monthly energy costs can be accrued for up to 13 months. For example, these cheated former clients got their money back immediately and they didn’t have to sit at the back of the line of creditors.


20,000 former customers managed to get reimbursed by Welkom Energie thanks to a hoax: Incasso’s unexplained notification

However, in many cases a lot of things got reversed: sometimes because the bank automatically refunded all installments, but also because many customers withdrew their 200 euro welcome bonus. Some have also made up for the exorbitant prices lost with their new supplier.

The trustee in bankruptcy opposes this and talks about it in detail in the second bankruptcy report. “While this is understandable from the victim’s point of view, I cannot accept it,” he told the site earlier this week. He hired a collection agency Collect4U to raise 5 million euros.

Millions of people are fighting over gas

Exhibition curator Van Raaijen also claims the right to a big batch of gas, which Welkom Energie bought from the gas trading company GasTerra before the bankruptcy. This amount is now worth millions of euros due to the massive increase in gas prices. However, state-owned GasTerra revealed a real estate dispute M Previously.

The coordinator hired a lawyer, the property now costs around 7,400 euros. He will decide in the near future whether a trial will follow – something Van Rijn has not categorically ruled out before. In his report, van Rijn wrote: “There are still a number of elements around the issues on which (perhaps) more expert advice should be sought”.

In the most positive case, it will be years before the batch of gas is liquefied. Even so, the tax and customs administration seems to be the third smile. Instead of the state-owned GasTerra, the money ends up in the Ministry of Finance through a different route. The state always benefits.

Virtually no property

Little income is expected for the coordinator. Bankrupt Welkom Energie had no assets: there were no real estate properties of its own, such as commercial buildings. The company’s inventory was “very modest” with a few desks, office chairs, computer equipment, tables and conference chairs. “Partially supplied by the owner and not belonging to Welkom Energie.

However, around 1,700 consumption monitors were found at Welkom Energie, with which customers could see their energy consumption. It was sold at auction for more than 30,000 euros.

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